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We know how confusing it can be when trying to dissect all the home inspector licensing requirements information and figuring out how to best accomplish all of the required steps. In our experience we have found that the best and most successful procedural order to follow is…


Complete required 84 instructional class hours

This can be either in-person or remote classes – make sure class is State of Arizona accredited.

Pass national exam

We advise not performing parallels until the national exam is successfully passed because there will be things on the national exam which are not common/present in Arizona (i.e.: thermal heating, ice dams, boilers, etc.) and it is very easy to forget the details about such appliances, practices, and/or conditions when concentrating on performing parallels and writing reports.

Complete required 30 parallel inspections

Go on 30 inspections with a parallel qualified inspector. This is where Arizona Parallel Home Inspections can make things very easy and more beneficial. APHI will provide the applicant with access to multiple parallel inspectors at the click of a mouse. This is the applicant’s one-time opportunity to get a first-hand look at how established/successful inspectors perform inspections. It is to the applicant’s benefit during this phase to expose themselves to as many parallel inspectors as possible so they can make an educated decision on how they would like to perform their own paid inspections.

Obtain clearance card, fill out forms, generate inspection reports

All of the remaining requirements should be completed during the time it takes to complete all 30 parallels. This will ensure the quickest route to submitting the application packet.