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About our company

Presenting a well-rounded training experience.

Arizona Parallel Home Inspections (APHI) matches Arizona home inspector licensing applicants with multiple parallel qualified inspectors, provides BTR-ready report software, and ‘hold your hand’ support/service during this process. The parallel period is likely the only occasion an aspiring inspector will have to observe how other established inspectors perform inspections.

With this in mind, it is to the advantage of the aspiring inspector to be exposed to as many established inspectors as possible during this short window of opportunity. To these ends, APHI partners with the most (and top rated) inspection firms in Arizona to present a well-rounded learning experience which provides a vast choice of parallel inspectors. You will be learning from the most experienced and trusted inspectors in Arizona. Students who perform their parallel inspections with us will receive the best training in Arizona.

Free HomeGauge Reports

We exclusively offer 30 free parallel inspection reports.

Instead of the usual five free reports, we’re happy to offer 30 free HomeGauge inspection reports if completed within 9 months. APHI also provides a user-friendly report template which will ensure all parallel- generated reports include all 84 state-required items, saving numerous hours attempting to create one from scratch. The Parallel Instructors will review every report provided and will ensure they meet the State of Arizona Board of Technical Registration (BTR) standards. APHI will also review your BTR submission packet (with minimum purchase of 15 APHI parallels) prior to your presentation to the Board of Technical Registration to ensure all requirements are met.

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Individual Parallel Inspection

* no further commitment

15 Parallel Inspection Package

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Experienced Inspectors

Diverse Training Experience

Industry leading Service

AZBTR-Compliant Reports

Easy, Efficient, and quick

EXPERIENCE MATTERS! APHI is a branch of Veteran Inspection Professionals. VIP is one of the top multi-inspector firms in Arizona and the owners have a combined total of 27 years training parallels (prospective inspectors) with a proven track record in this competitive and exciting field. At APHI, your licensing success is our priority.